google summer of code

Joel Brobecker
Thu Feb 26 23:35:00 GMT 2009

> > Note that it would be nice if the project was focusing on the FSF GDB,
> > but if it makes things simpler for whoever submits an entry and/or
> > mentors the project, it's fine with me if the project gets attached
> > to Archer, for instance. This decision can only be at the discretion
> > of the people who spend the effort on this project, after all...
> At least for the Python support, IMHO we could use the Archer repo while
> the student is working on it, and then have a requirement of having the
> feature submitted and accepted upstream for the project to be considered
> finished.

Seems very reasonable to me. I would go even farther and say that
control over what goes in the FSF tree is held by a group of persons.
So it might be risky to have inclusion of the patches in the FSF tree
as a "requirement" in the strict sense. From our limited experience
with Archer, it looks like Archer is a nice greenhouse for maturing
some new features before pushing them onto the FSF gdb. As long as
the feature is properly implemented there, I think we'll eventually
manage to incorporate it in the FSF gdb, one way or the other.

(I can be obsessed with flowers sometimes :-)


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