google summer of code

Tom Tromey
Thu Feb 26 18:18:00 GMT 2009

>>>>> "Thiago" == Thiago Jung Bauermann <> writes:

Thiago> I was wondering whether we want to participate in the Google
Thiago> Summer of Code.


Thiago> The application period for mentoring organizations is from
Thiago> March 9 until March 13th, so now is a good time to decide if
Thiago> it will be beneficial for us.

I think we should apply as an organization.  If we're rejected, we can
still have students submit their proposals under the GNU
project... but this should be the fallback plan, IMO, because it
lessens the chance of any gdb proposal being approved.

Thiago> We have some ideas for projects that a student could implement in:
Thiago> Some that may be worth considering for this:
Thiago> 1. Help with Python scripting support;

I already got email off-list about this one :)
I suppose there are any number of possible projects in here.

Thiago> 2. Help with reversible debugging (not sure if teawater and Michael need
Thiago> a helping hand there);
Thiago> 3. Support pipes in the run command (this may be too small for a GSoC);
Thiago> 4. Support tracepoints in gdbserver.

I'm wondering if there is any summer-sized multi-inferior project.

FWIW, I'm willing to mentor a student.


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