google summer of code

Joel Brobecker
Thu Feb 26 17:34:00 GMT 2009

Hey Thiago,

Nice initiative :)

> I was wondering whether we want to participate in the Google Summer of
> Code. The application period for mentoring organizations is from March 9
> until March 13th, so now is a good time to decide if it will be
> beneficial for us.

I think help is beneficial to the project, but only if we know we have
GMs available for review, or at least Area Maintainers for the projects
that we are considering entering...

> There are some disadvantages too. From what I read, the main problem is
> that mentoring a student takes some time and effort. From the GSoC
> Mentors Wiki:

I agree. I just tutored someone whom we contracted out to give us
a hand finishing one internal project (which was not GDB, but it was
something more approachable in a short amount of time), and I sometimes
felt sucked into the project. This should definitely be weighed in
anyone's decision to mentor someone.

> 1. Help with Python scripting support;

To me, this would be a very promising project because:
  . The project is very exciting (I think)
  . We have active developers
  . Reviews seem to be done very quickly.

Note that it would be nice if the project was focusing on the FSF GDB,
but if it makes things simpler for whoever submits an entry and/or
mentors the project, it's fine with me if the project gets attached
to Archer, for instance. This decision can only be at the discretion
of the people who spend the effort on this project, after all...


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