problem remote debugging

Daniel Jacobowitz
Tue Feb 24 17:08:00 GMT 2009

On Tue, Feb 24, 2009 at 09:01:11AM -0800, Brendan Miller wrote:
> I'm not sure if that makes sense. What happened was a file failed to
> be read, which to me implies different behavior given the same
> binaries executed on the same machine, depending on if in local or
> remote debugging mode. This was followed by a segfault which may or
> may not be related. I can see how the gdb client would crash if I
> didn't have the proper debugging symbols on the client, but could that
> really effect other behavior on the remote machine?

Yes, really.  I've just tried to explain this... GDB sets breakpoints
in the target automatically, and reads debug data from the target.  If
symbols do not match, then it will set the breakpoints at the wrong
location (which might even be data rather than code), and it will read
incorrect debug information and make decisions based on that.

> > Also, this is a very old GDB - I always recommend trying the latest
> > (GDB and gdbserver).
> Is there a known bug that was fixed that would resolve this?

Well, for one thing it'll try to warn you if your libraries don't

Daniel Jacobowitz

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