What ".com.zerog.registry.xml" is used for? Thanks!

Vladimir Prus vladimir@codesourcery.com
Fri Feb 13 07:05:00 GMT 2009

Chenguang Sun wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm new to gdb. When I run gdb from emacs. There is a parameter
> ".com.zerog.registry.xml". Could anybody tell what this parameter is
> used for? Thanks a lot!

The file so named is a registry maintained by Install Anywhere installers.
GDB has nothing to do with that file, so I assume it got added to GDB
invocation accidentally (e.g. you typed TAB somewhere). If you have good reasons
to believe Emacs intentionally passes this to GDB, I suggest you bring this
up with support team of whatever Emacs version you have.

- Volodya

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