Problem with -stack-list-frames

Vladimir Prus
Wed Feb 11 18:57:00 GMT 2009

Dmitry Smirnov wrote:

> Hi,
> I was using gdb- for a while in the following configuration:
> - Eclipse CDT as a front end,
> - gdb- as ARM debugger connected to skyeye simulator
> - skyeye simulator as a remote target (server)
> It was working fine till I had tried to swicth to another (modern) way in CDT debug configuration
> (called DSF).
> With the guys that support this new feature, we found that gdb does not respond correctly to
> -stack-list-frames command.
> Here is the output, I got from gdb (plus few more commands):
> info threads
> * 1 Thread <main>  tmc_init () at qct\services\tmc\tmc.c:11541
> warning: RMT ERROR : failed to get remote thread list.
> -stack-list-frames
> bt
> #0  tmc_init () at qct\services\tmc\tmc.c:11541
> #1  0x00c1d4c6 in tmc_task (ignored=<value optimized out>)
>    at qct\services\tmc\tmc.c:12350
> #2  0x00eee43e in rex_thread_init (entrypoint=0xc1d4a9 <tmc_task+1>)
>    at qct\services\rexl4\rexl4.c:174
> #3  0x00f3e0c8 in __thread_stub ()
> #4  0x00f3e0c8 in __thread_stub ()
> Backtrace stopped: previous frame identical to this frame (corrupt stack?)
> As you can see, info threads and bt works as expected.

Please enable the verbose mode in the console -- there's a button in the
toolbar. This will tell exactly what the error is -- and I'm 51% sure
the problem is that you are trying to send MI command, and DSF thinks it's
CLI command, and sends something not right.

And this might be unrelated to whatever problem you are having in the first
place. CDI  debuggers have a way to enable verbose console mode in the
launch configuration. Please do that in DSF and then see if something
is wrong with any GDB response.

- Volodya

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