Reverse excecution and Simics testing: short report

Jakob Engblom
Fri Feb 6 12:12:00 GMT 2009


We have done some preliminary "smoke testing" at Virtutech to see how
gdb-main-branch revexec works with our old proven revexec engine. The results
are quite encouraging.

Simple testing using gdb-remote to talk to Simics, with Power Architecture and
ARM targets appears to work. What worked in our specially-patched gdb-6.8
version now works with gdb-trunk. We can stop and reverse and step etc.
Essentially, this indicates that the reverse execution core support is OK. 

We also tested using MI commands to drive reverse execution. We used gdb-trunk
plus our proposed MI commands, and the only problem we ran into seems to be the
same reverse-finish (or preferably, uncall) operation that Teawater and Marc
have been reporting. Once again, the system seems to be working fine overall. 

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