gdb internal error SIGINT/SIGSTOP

paawan oza
Mon Feb 2 14:47:00 GMT 2009


I have been modifying gdb for past couple of months.
I am trying to keep process always running and user should be able to type commands.
It is similar to tracepoints but on host system.

I am facing a problem as following when try to debug multi-threaded applications.

I am sending SIGINT/SIGSTOP (with no pass) to stop the process.
linux-nat-wait wll attempt to stop other threads and it succeeds.
and it works fine.

when I have breakpoints on threads....
and if main/CLONEs thread is stopped due to breakpoint and if I send 
SIGINT/SIGSTOP to the main thread....
eventually I end up getting interrnal gdb assertion error.
gdb_assert (pid == GET_LWP (lp->ptid));

I would like to know !!

1) why is that happening ?
in the scenerio where (thread is already stopped because of breakpoint
and I am internally sending SIGINT/SIGSTOP (with no pass)

note : I have modified gdb code to suite my requirements. where process should always be running and user should be able to type commands

please do the needful.



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