pc 0x25c9b0 in read in psymtab, but not in symtab

Elmenthaler, Jens jens.elmenthaler@verigy.com
Tue Dec 22 14:58:00 GMT 2009


using gdb 7.0 on RedHat Enterprise Linux 5.3, I see the following warning for some programs, but not all:

	warning: (Internal error: pc 0x25c9b0 in read in psymtab, but not in symtab.)

I wouldn't care so much about the warning, but once it appears, the program startup becomes damn slow. This seems to be related to dynamically loading additional shared libraries, which we do early in the program.

I looked a bit into the code that issues that message, but I'm not quite sure whether I ran into a bug or simply have to live with that fact.

Anything I can/should do here? 6.8 does not show this issue, but well, the pretty printers are a heavy argument.


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