porting reversible on arm/mips

Michael Snyder msnyder@vmware.com
Mon Dec 14 18:27:00 GMT 2009

paawan oza wrote:

> another option what Micahel suggested...
> "There's a nice separation in prec between architecture and OS/ABI.  You could begin with the arm simulator that comes
> built-in to gdb, and do the architecture part before tackling the Linux ABI part."
> above also seems to be good too. for the time being I just concentrate on arch part and forget Linux ABI for the time being..

Seems to me you should be able to get quite far using this approach.

Should be able to simulate and reverse-execute any piece of code that
does not make system calls (directly or indirectly).  Should be able
to cover most of the user instruction set, especially if you are
willing to write tests in assembler.

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