porting reversible on arm/mips

paawan oza paawan1982@yahoo.com
Fri Dec 11 13:07:00 GMT 2009

I am not sure whether I got the term 'arm simulator built in gdb"
can you give some more pointers ?

If I understand correctly,

there is no need for simulators, 
compile gdb with some options, on x86, that will simulate arm gdb with some basic arm environment!
and I can try to finish architecture part first.

Can you please elaborate ?



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paawan oza wrote:
> My target may be arm/mips.
> but some of the common hurdles are following.
> 1) getting virtual machine which has capability gives me arm processor
> 2) getting the arm linux ISO. 
> Can somebody give me some pointers regarding above ?

There's a nice separation in prec between architecture and
OS/ABI.  You could begin with the arm simulator that comes
built-in to gdb, and do the architecture part before
tackling the Linux ABI part.


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