GDB library to insert and delete watchpoints

Joel Brobecker
Fri Dec 4 16:38:00 GMT 2009

> It just so happens that CodeSourcery recently did this for a
> customer that was using a debugging stub that ran as one of several
> threads in the application.

This reminds me of another interesting approach that one of our
customers implemented.  In their setup, the software was hooked to
a hardware that needed some trajectory info sent at a given frequency
(about 10Hz IIRC).  The problems started when they were trying to
debug problems, because the debugger would stop all threads. So,
what they did was implement their own gdbserver stub, embedded in
their application.  That stub would control start/stop etc in a way
that the motion threads remain alive and kicking while the rest of
the application is being inspected... AFAIK, they made it work
(this was on Windows).


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