gdb backtrace after SIGILL on Xscale (ARM)

Shane Volpe
Mon Sep 29 20:03:00 GMT 2008

Thanks for the feedback but I'm not sure it is the same issue.  In the
thread you referenced
"" it looks like a
SIGILL was happening after a breakpoint and there was valid gdb
backtrace data present.  What I'm seeing is there is NO backtrace data
available after a SIGILL, this makes it impossible to use gdb for
debugging the cause of a SIGILL in my application.  I think my problem
is more like that of the following thread:
""  In fact that
thread was started by a co-worker of mine, we were never able to get
it working and gave up on it but now I want to get to the bottom of
the issue and get gdb working for backtracing SIGILLs on an ARM EABI
GLIBC system.

Summery of my system:
gdb version: 6.8
glibc version: 2.5
ARCH: PXA270 (xscale)
Linux Version: 2.6.23 (Distro: OpenEmbedded)


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