Problem with GDB Wiki

Joel Brobecker
Wed Sep 10 16:10:00 GMT 2008

> I've noticed the GDB Wiki ( is being
> reported by Opera 9.52 as "unsafe". It is reported as having last been
> checked on 14 August 2008, and an infection found on that date. I can
> find no further information on what was found.

(Jeremy first sent this query privately to me, and I redirected him
to here). As said privately, we need to know what the problem is,
but if both of us couldn't find more information about this from
their website...

> They also have a link the site owner can use to counter the claim of the
> site being unsafe.

... I decided to ask the site to either point us at what caused us
to be flagged or to remove us from the list.  Unfortunately, after
I wrote my note and submitted the request, I got a "runtime error".

I don't think there is much else I can do... Perhaps someone else
want to give it a try?


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