Some java questions

Keith Seitz
Tue Sep 9 23:39:00 GMT 2008

Daniel Jacobowitz wrote:
>> At long last, my question is: Is gdb supposed to be able to do something  
>> with "jmisc.main(java.lang.String[])void", i.e. is it considered valid  
>> "input" to break, print, and other commands?
> As long as it appears in the mangling - and gcj is going to continue
> emitting DW_AT_MIPS_linkage_name, which I expect it will - I think it
> ought to work.  Particularly with single quotes around it, as
> jmisc.exp uses.

After reading Tom's note, things make some sense. I don't like it much, 
but, well, that's the way it is. I'm glad I don't have to use gdb with 
Java any more!

I will fix the failing test case as it is. I'll revisit how this all 
*should* work when (or if) I attempt to eradicate MIPS_linkage_name 


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