Add SystemV IPC drivers to PSIM

Joel Sherrill
Mon Sep 8 15:45:00 GMT 2008


As the first year in the copyright shows, this code
has been around a while. I found a message in the
RTEMS archives where I was updating it to gdb 4.17. :)

It adds support for System V semaphores and shared memory to psim.
It adds two files (hw_sem.c and hw_shm.c) and touches
to add tests for support of System V IPC.  Please regenerate
configure after patching.

The shared memory device maps System V shared memory
into the simulated PowerPC's address space. This lets
the simulated CPU share data with the host environment.
This data area can be protected by using the System V
semaphore device to lock the memory.

We use this to run RTEMS multiprocessor tests where the
two simulated CPUs communicate through the shared memory.
It has also been used by RTEMS applications to do "device IO"
to the shared memory and have a custom system simulator
provide feedback.

Can someone please review and commit?  Thanks.

2008-09-08  Joel Sherrill <>

    * configure: Regenerated.
    * Add test for System V shared memory and semaphore.
    * debug.c, debug.h: Add trace support for new devices.
    * hw_sem.c, hw_shm.c: New files.
    * Add hw_sem.c and hw_shm.c

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