HOWTO for porting GDB published

Robert Norton
Wed Sep 3 15:38:00 GMT 2008

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> I hope this is a useful contribution. I'd welcome feedback and any
> suggestions for how this first issue could be improved.

Wow this looks really great! I wish I'd had this when working on our port. It is difficult for me to be objective since perhaps I already know a little more about GDB than the target audience but I think this would have allowed me to get started much more easily.

Not having read the entire document thoroughly here are some things I really liked:

  o It appears to give a clear and fairly high level explanation of the various concepts and terminology employed by GDB
  o The example procedure flows (sequence diagrams) provide a good overview of gdb internals and where the arch functions fit in
  o Provides a good checklist of things to do when porting an arch
  o The OpenRISC example makes everything nice and concrete.

In short the whole thing seems to have hit a nice level of abstraction: high-level enough to provide information which can't be easily obtained by reading the source but not so high-level as to be totally abstract.

Thank you so much for this! Hopefully I will have time to give it a more thorough read sometime, at which point I may be able to give more detailed feedback.


Robert Norton

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