psim hw devices

Joel Sherrill
Tue Sep 2 17:37:00 GMT 2008


Out of curiousity, when was the last time someone
verified any hardware device simulation in psim

I am trying to us the eeprom device. My device tree
is based on the one in the top of hw_eeprom.c:

/#address-cells 4
/openprom/init/register/pvr 0xfffe0000
/openprom/options/oea-memory-size 8388608
/eeprom@0xE0000000/reg 0xE0000000 0x80000
/eeprom@0xE0000000/nr-sectors 8
/eeprom@0xE0000000/sector-size 0x10000
/eeprom@0xE0000000/byte-write-delay 1000
/eeprom@0xE0000000/sector-start-delay 100
/eeprom@0xE0000000/erase-delay 1000
/eeprom@0xE0000000/manufacture-code 0x01
/eeprom@0xE0000000/device-code 0xa4

I think the device is registered correctly with psim
but can't seem to find the magic spot where psim can't
find the memory region before it triggers
a protection exception.

Suggestions and advice on debugging this appreciated.


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