gdb stub implement questions

Wenbo Yang
Mon Sep 1 08:22:00 GMT 2008

Michael Qiu wrote:
> Here I have an proposal, will you take a look?
> Background:
> I'm using uscosII, it's a multitask os, and all tasks running in the
> same memory space. So it's easy to get other tasks' information.
> What I suppose to do is:
> 1. When system startup. I will put a piece of code like this:
> install_bkpt_handle(); // Install the trap handler for gdb.
> bkpt; // Just trigger it.
> Question: Can I just put it before OS start? If I just put it after OS
> has started, then only means I cannot debug the os startup process?
Yes, you can debug the os startup process. Just put the stub in 
different memory space against your os.
> 2. Write an exception handler to handle the bkpt exception. In this
> routine I should save the context of interrupt task and swith to a gdb
> remote debug protocal process task.
> Question: should I disable interrupt in the exception handler and the
> protocal process task? Or should I disable task scheduler when enter
> the protocal process task?
Maybe you made some mistake here. If you were debugging an OS, probably 
the task scheduler is meaningless to you. If you were debugging an APP 
on an os, it is your os's responsibility to support stub's function.
> 3. When user just "continue" or "step" the program, the protocal
> process task should save it's context and restore the cpu with the
> previous saved context for the interrupt task.
> Question: How can I do it with ucos/II's API without digging into the
> code? Should the protocal process task action like an normal task or
> just an routine not known to OS?
Still Daniel's answer: These are more questions about your operating 
system than about GDB.

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