gdb stub implement questions

Michael Qiu
Mon Sep 1 04:03:00 GMT 2008

Hi Guys,
  I'm using ucos/ii and an r3k like mips core for my project. I'm
going to add a gdb-stub on my target. But I still have some uncleared
questions, can anyone give me a hand?

1. Is there any hardware requirement for the gdb-stub running
correctly? e.g. special instructions? Currently, my core only support
"bkpt". Is it enough?

2. I'v read the gdb-stub from yamon, but it seems only work for a
bootloader. There is no multitask. The yamon shell in charge of the
context switch, but it only a ping-pang like switch. How can I support
multitask in ucos/ii?

3. In general, the gdb-stub should be implemented in a bootloader or
in OS level, or user spaces?

Best regards

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