Multiprocess GDB, formal spec

Stan Shebs
Fri Oct 31 19:57:00 GMT 2008

Marc Khouzam wrote:
>> From: Stan Shebs [] 
>> Sent: Monday, October 20, 2008 11:53 AM
>> I have a set of patches applied to FSF GDB, and it generally 
>> works, but there are, uh, some regressions. :-) 
> Do you think this work will make it to HEAD before March next year?
I hope so! I'm down to about three main breakages to fix, and we have a 
design decision to make, namely whether to have a single target stack 
shared by multiple inferiors, or make multiple instances of the target 
>>> As the multi-process work seems to be progressing quite well, I was
>>> wondering if it was time to 
>>> start looking at MI again?
>> Yes, now would be a good time. I had to neglect MI due to time 
>> constraints on this project, but after people try their hand 
>> at juggling 
>> a half-dozen programs through the command line, I think an MI 
>> alternative is going to get considerable interest all of a sudden. :-)
> So does Vladimir and/or yourself have plans for MI to be enhanced
> correspondingly
> by the time this feature makes it into HEAD?
Not me, at the moment anyway. It's a little too big to sneak in amongst 
my for-pay projects. :-)


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