how can I dump out thread informations in gdb

Paul Pluzhnikov
Thu Oct 23 02:30:00 GMT 2008

On Wed, Oct 22, 2008 at 1:13 PM, Bradshaw, James <> wrote:

> And when "info threads" gives the incorrect information, how exactly
> do we address that problem?

OP gave no indication that he gets incorrect information.

> I gather from earlier posts, libthread_db
> on the target must not be stripped in order to correctly view threads

That is incorrect. AFAICT, libthread_db may be stripped
(it must have dynamic symbol table intact; but strip normally
doesn't touch dynamic symbol table anyway).

However, on Linux itself must not be stripped,
or libthread_db will refuse to work with it.

> at least on linux targets that have nptl support.

Same applies to LinuxThreads.

> Is that the only requirement?

No: must match (both must
come from the same version of glibc).

Paul Pluzhnikov

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