Newbie with a several doubts

Michael Snyder
Wed Oct 22 18:21:00 GMT 2008

quinty wrote:
> Hello,
> Let me introduce myself, I am John from Spain, and I am developing a
> new application in Linux.
> In this moment I have a important doubt, is it possible to watch a var
> without stop program???.
> Is it possible to insert code in my application to use it with gdb and
> debug my programm??
> I am not sure if my questions are silly or not.

Hello John,

I'm not sure if I understand your question(s).

Regarding the first question, there is an "async mode"
in which gdb can do limited debuging on a program that is
not stopped.  I don't know enough about async mode, perhaps
someone who knows it better than I can answer.

In the normal debugging mode, gdb cannot look at the
value of a variable without stopping the program.
However, it can be a brief stop -- eg. set a breakpoint,
and when the breakpoint is hit, print the value and
then immediately continue again.

Regarding your second question -- you can write a function
into your program and then let gdb call the function.
But the program has to be stopped in order for gdb to
do that.

Hope this helps...

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