Multiprocess GDB, formal spec

Marc Khouzam
Mon Oct 20 15:30:00 GMT 2008


(side note, anyone know how I can keep a thread going, when I don't have
the original email?  Here, I'm trying to reply to , but I'm going to
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> On Wed, 13 Aug 2008 15:16:02 Stan Shebs wrote:
> The following writeup is a more formal specification for multiprocess
> * The GDB/MI Interface
> [TBD]
> ** Planned limitations of the first version
> [...]
> The MI interface is not supported.

First let me say that I think the proposal (snipped out) is very
interesting and I'm looking forward
to the GDB version that will implement it :-)

Now, as a frontend developer, am I very interested with the MI support
for such features.
I was just wondering how come there were not more MI details included,
considering there
was already a post for Multiprocess MI extensions:

Furthermore, I find myself in a strange situation where I have been
working with a preliminary, 
non-public version of GDB which has some support for multi-process
through MI.  This support, will
eventually (I believe) makes its way to mainline GDB.  But until then, I
am not sure where
I can discuss/comment on my experience using the 'proposed' MI
extensions.  Because of
the intended use of MI, it greatly benefits from respecting
backwards-compatibility, which
implies that it would be beneficial to update/modify the multi-process
parts of MI, before
they are released officially.

As the multi-process work seems to be progressing quite well, I was
wondering if it was time to 
start looking at MI again?



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