gdb support for wide char

Tom Tromey
Mon Oct 13 18:48:00 GMT 2008

>>>>> "Yifan" == Yifan Wang <> writes:

Yifan> and now i am working on utf8 which is not fixed length character.
Yifan> The solution rely on the glibc functions, eg.mbstowcs(), iconv(), to
Yifan> support wide character.

Yifan> I dont know whether this solution is good enough, because it
Yifan> does not support other programming language and it rely on the
Yifan> glibc functions.

Is it calling these functions in the inferior?

If so, then I think it would be preferable to use iconv in gdb, and
not call any inferior functions.  This approach has several
advantages: it works with core files, it works with other languages,
and (due to the existence of libiconv) it is more portable.

If not, I think I am not understanding something.


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