GDB HEAD (partly) broken for GNU/Hurd

Pedro Alves
Sat Oct 11 17:47:00 GMT 2008

On Saturday 11 October 2008 18:26:11, Thomas Schwinge wrote:

> > Doesn't resume the whole shell?
> But as I see things we always have ``non_stop == 0'' and thus
> ``resume_ptid = pid_to_ptid (-1)'', so that should be fine, isn't it?

Duh!  Yes, of course.

> Here is a debugging-enabled run of a thusly patched GDB HEAD:


>     infrun: context switch
>     infrun: Switching context from bogus thread id 1 to Thread 25830.3


This is missing in the new implementation.  In Hurd when going through
the shell doing fork/execs, we see new threads at every exec, and the
old threads disappear.  Could you try adding a `switch_to_thread (resume_thread)'
somewhere after target_wait returns and before any other target method?

Pedro Alves

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