GDB HEAD (partly) broken for GNU/Hurd

Pedro Alves
Sat Oct 11 02:50:00 GMT 2008

On Saturday 11 October 2008 00:27:06, Thomas Schwinge wrote:
> On HEAD, when undoing this change (and additionally commenting out the
> two ``stop_soon = X'' lines in that file), things are fine again.
> As most of GDB's internals are a big black box to me, I need help here.
> :-)

Eh, I did point out at the time of that change that gnu-nat.c does
things a bit different.  :-)

Off-hand advice:

One thing that the hurd has a bit different, is that we have
multi-threading when going through the shell.

Could it be that target_wait is returning a specific ptid here:


  while (1)
      int resume_signal = TARGET_SIGNAL_0;
      ptid_t resume_ptid;

      struct target_waitstatus ws;
      memset (&ws, 0, sizeof (ws));
      resume_ptid = target_wait (pid_to_ptid (-1), &ws);

Hence this a bit below:

	  if (--pending_execs == 0)

	  /* Just make it go on.  */
	  target_resume (resume_ptid, 0, TARGET_SIGNAL_0);

Doesn't resume the whole shell?

If you make this change:
-     target_resume (resume_ptid, 0, TARGET_SIGNAL_0);
+     target_resume (minus_one_ptid, 0, TARGET_SIGNAL_0);

The other thing I suggest to look at, is to make sure the
local `pending_execs' and the `gnu-nat.c:struct inf'::pending_execs
aren't in conflict, but it doesn't look like it.

Hope this helps.

Pedro Alves

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