Commit access for me? (was: GDB HEAD (partly) broken for GNU/Hurd)

Joel Brobecker
Thu Oct 9 13:21:00 GMT 2008

> The current maintainer for the Hurd bits of GDB, Alfred M. Szmidt, would
> like me to also get direct commit access for GDB, so that I can, e.g.,
> install the two pending patches I sent to the gdb-patches list.  What do
> the GDB people think?

Sure! The criteria for having Write After Approval access is to send
one good patch. I verified that your copyright assignement papers are
already taken care of, so do you have an account on
If not, then please fill out the following form:

You can list me as the person who approved your request. If you already
have an account, then please send a request to overseers@.

Once your account is setup or your access has been setup, follow the
instructions to change your read-only sandbox into a write one, or
check out a write version of the GDB sources, and then commit a change
in MAINTAINERS adding you to the Write After Approval section.  Please
remember to post the associated patch.


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