Detaching from a remote progam: Why does GDB retain breakpoints?

Michael Snyder
Wed Oct 8 22:56:00 GMT 2008

Anmol P. Paralkar wrote:
> Hello,
>   I am trying to understand the 'detach' command and need your help.
>   The documentation says:
>    "After the detach command, gdb is free to connect to another target."
>   So, why does GDB retain breakpoints after detaching from the remote target?
>   The documentation for 'disconnect' indicates that GDB could possibly re-connect
>   to the same remote target so I can see why it makes sense to retain breakpoints
>   on a 'disconnect'. But, with a 'detach', a D-packet is sent and I suppose stubs
>   will then typically relinquish control and have the target proper take over.
>   Should'nt GDB clear out all its target related debug-state on a 'detach'?

It does clear out the target-related part.

The breakpoints in the "info breakpoint" list are debugger state,
not target state.  Just like the symbol table.  Detaching from the
target doesn't clear symbols either.

The premise is, you might want them again.
You might, for instance, reset your target and
begin a new debug session, with the same symbols
and breakpoints.

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