CoreDump -- Cannot access memory

Paul Pluzhnikov
Wed Oct 1 23:55:00 GMT 2008

On Wed, Oct 1, 2008 at 2:32 PM,  <> wrote:

> Before running it on STLinux I'm running: ulimited -c unlimited.
> Do you have any idea why the stack of my core-dump is broken ?

The two common reasons I've seen:
- core is truncated.
- mismatch between /opt/7109/STM/STLinux-2.2/devkit/sh4/target/lib/
  that you see on host, and what is actually used on the target.

Note that 'ulimit -c unlimited' does not guarantee that you have
a complete core: you could run into filesystem limit for example.

> Ps. Note that the memory address is a huge address ( 0x7b916ff8 ).

I am not familiar with SH, but the high value does not appear to
be unreasonable for a stack address.


P.S. If you have (or can build) a gdbserver for the target, you
might want to use that instead of core.

Paul Pluzhnikov

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