Move GDB to C++ ?

Alpár Jüttner
Thu Jul 31 14:37:00 GMT 2008

> 2. Not everybody knows C++, so if I'm hit by a bus, not everybody will be able to
> adopt this module. (This is obviously more important for core parts than for MI).
> I'm not sure if this aspect is critical -- I get the impression that even those
> who object to C++ actually knows the language.

Sometimes I feel the opposite. Most of the concerns appearing in this
list are a kind of phobia against C++. Some of them was true in the past
but not now, others are just a result of ignorance.

A good example for that was the debate on xfree vs. delete. One of the
goals of STL standard containers is that using them the programmer will
almost never has to use 'delete'.

There _are_ serious problems with C++, but if C++ is used properly, they
will not be a problem in case of gdb. Also, C++ could have been designed
much much better, but even this bad design provides major benefits over
C for skilled developers.

Best regards,

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