Query regarding GDB-Mi interface

Pankaj Pal pankaj_pal@mentor.com
Wed Jul 30 06:53:00 GMT 2008

We have a debugging front end which uses gdb-6.6 We were using 
annotations till now but
 as annotations have been made obsolete we are shifting to MI 
interpreter. I have a few queries regarding MI.

1) Why few commands are still un implemented like attach, info program 
etc. Is there any plan to support them.

 2) Is there any way to stop the MI interpreter like we have with 
annotations (set annotate 0 whenever we wish to do so).

 3) We need 'info line *addr' command when we are shifting to MI from 
annotations. I have been doing few changes in
      the gdb source code to get this information (source file and line 
number), however annotations have this information.
      I would like to know is there any known issue due to which this 
command has not been implemented.

4) In the gdb manual I can see that 'call' command in gdb is equivalent 
to '-data-evaluate-expression' in MI. But with
    annotations, the 'call' command sequence is as follows ::  
    ^z^z starting
    --->> do the call command functionality
   ^z^z stopped

   However, with MI, we are not getting the 'running' and 'stopped' tokens.

Thanks & Regards,
Pankaj Pal
Extn. 4529
Mentor Graphics, Noida


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