Multiprogram teaser

Marc Khouzam
Tue Jul 29 16:02:00 GMT 2008

> By "multiprogram" I mean that there can be several different 
> executables, each with its own code, symbols, etc. There's no 
> assumption 
> about how GDB interacts with the running targets created from the 
> executables; it could launch, attach, do target remote, etc.
> It's orthogonal to "multiprocess" debugging because you could 
> have one 
> executable and be debugging a half-dozen processes created by 
> multiple 
> runs of the executable. You could also have a single process whose 
> address space includes several different executables, each at a 
> different address.
> "Multiprocess" is often taken to mean "multiprogram" as well, 
> presumably 
> because the case of one executable and multiple processes is not that 
> interesting in practice.

From an Eclipse GUI point-of-view (user point-of-view), I get
the impression that the two concepts could be treated 
the same.  The user would be interested in debugging a running/runnable
process. But maybe I'm over-simplifying...


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