Help with solaris testing

Mark Kettenis
Tue Jul 29 15:43:00 GMT 2008

> From: Pedro Alves <>
> Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2008 15:58:21 +0100
> Hi guys!
> (Mark, Joel, CCing you, as you're the usual suspects when we
>  talk about either BSD or (!linux && !windows) testing :-) )
> I wonder if you could give me a little help with this.
> I've setup a bunch of VMWare VMs (x86) to be able to test changes I'm
> making to BSD targets.  I've got FreeBSD 6,7, OpenBSD 4.3, and
> OpenSolaris 10 all set up.  I set up an NFS mount on the host,
> so all VMs share the same source tree.  All cool, and great
> for easy testing.  FreeBSD and OpenBSD are OK, but ...
> ... solaris is giving be the troubles.
> When running the testsuite under Solaris, I get a bunch of failures
> and they appear to be related to something translating "\r" -> "\r\n".
> The eols end up being "\r\r\n" instead of "\r\n", and a lot of test
> patterns don't expect that.
> How do people test under solaris?  Is this perhaps a well known
> issue with an easy well known fix?

This is strange; I've tested GDB on Solaris in the past and never
encountered this problem.

What does stty -a say on the system?  Could it be that one of ocrnl or
onlret is set?

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