Address spaces

Stan Shebs
Fri Jul 25 18:50:00 GMT 2008

Ulrich Weigand wrote:
> If you're interested into more details, I'll be happy to send you my 
> current patchset.
Thanks, I don't think I need them.
> What does *not* work satisfactorily in all circumstances right now are user
> interface issues.  I don't want to expose the mangled CORE_ADDR to the user,
> so the extra bits are stripped via gdbarch_addr_bits, and reinserted by the
> gdbarch_integer_to_pointer family of functions, based on whether the currently
> selected frame is SPU or PowerPC code.
> This makes it e.g. impossible to input a PowerPC address while in a SPU frame,
> which would be useful occasionally.  To do that right we'd have to expose a
> user interface mechanism to select address spaces, though.
Between yours and Doug's and Paul's and Michael's examples :-) , I think 
it's pretty clear that we will want some kind of user interface. In the 
general case, a target can create arbitrarily-named address spaces, 
while in the conventional multiprogram case, address space names could 
simply be copied from exec names or process ids.


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