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Jim Meyering
Fri Jul 25 13:41:00 GMT 2008

Thiago Jung Bauermann <bauerman@BR.IBM.COM> wrote:
> Do you know if there will be disruption if GDB moves to Subversion?

There would be some disruption, because the current
synchronization method is tied to GIT and CVS.
But it wouldn't be too bad, since git-svn provides
trivial bi-directional access.
Any branches relative to the cvs-derived git repo
could be migrated to a git repo converted from svn.

Of course, any SHA1 references into the cvs-derived repo
would be worthless (but they could theoretically be translated
to point to the same objects in an svn-derived repo).

>> If any of you would like to rely on this, please ensure that all
>> of the files you care about are in the git repository.  For example,
>> I heard that three tcl-related directories need not be included, so I
>> excluded those along with the likes of ld, gold, gas, etc.
> I just compiled from this repo in ppc-linux and ppc64-linux and I saw no
> smoke, so it seems sane there.

Good to know it works.  Thanks.

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