Towards multiprocess GDB

Thiago Jung Bauermann
Fri Jul 18 22:28:00 GMT 2008

On Fri, 2008-07-18 at 23:41 +0200, Mark Kettenis wrote:
> > Date: Fri, 18 Jul 2008 13:40:08 -0700
> > From: Stan Shebs <>
> > 
> > CodeSourcery has a project to add "multiprocess" capability to GDB,
> > and with this message I'd like to kick off some discussion of what
> > that means and how to make it happen.
> Please remind me, why was this a desirable capability again?

One interesting use case I've heard (and which other debuggers support)
is debugging both processes involved in a shell pipe command, like:

$ producer | consumer

So you can say something like "break when variable foo in producer is 2
and variable bar in consumer is 10".

I even saw people on the #gdb IRC channel asking for that functionality.

> Personally, I can't imagine someone would really want to do this using
> the traditional gdb CLI, at least not within a single gdb instance.

I think it wouldn't be much different a user experience than debugging a
multithreaded application in the CLI.
Thiago Jung Bauermann
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