Towards multiprocess GDB

Paul Koning
Fri Jul 18 21:21:00 GMT 2008

>>>>> "Stan" == Stan Shebs <> writes:

 Stan> When it's time to run, the user will want the ability to run
 Stan> anywhere from one to all of the programs, each with its own
 Stan> argument list. It should be possible to do this with a single
 Stan> command, so that the user isn't scrambling to put in all the
 Stan> run commands quickly enough.


Do we need a way to specify a different environment for each program?

 Stan> Implementationwise, we will need to replace the single exec
 Stan> target with a list of execs, and modify symbol machinery to
 Stan> support a many-many relationship between programs and symbol
 Stan> tables. Although my inclination is to create a new symbol table
 Stan> for each process' image of each shared library, that may be
 Stan> excessively expensive.

Indeed it might be excessive.  Avoiding it means adding the notion of
per-program offsets, so program A can map library L at offset X, while
program B maps that same library at offset Y.

 Stan> In addition to thoughts on desired user interface, I would
 Stan> welcome suggestions on how to add this feature incrementally;
 Stan> the abovementioned bits are a lot to add all at once!

You mentioned threads in passing.  Those are still needed, so you need
to allow multiple programs each of which may have multiple threads.


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