proposed extension for jtag debugging

Edward L. Hepler
Fri Jul 18 00:40:00 GMT 2008

I'd very much like to hear about this as it sounds similar to what I
have done.   I added a target to the "mips" code to directly control
a JTAG cable connected to a PC parallel port.   It did not use
gdbserver.   As an aside, I also use GDB to control a "C" based
emulator and a VHDL based simulator.

Since then, I have been looking into using gdbserver so I won't have
to apply patches to GDB...  I'm also hoping that since gdbserver is
a separate process, some of the control issues that arise when trying
to control a separate VHDL simulator may be more easy handled...


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On Fri, 18 Jul 2008, Chris Johns wrote:

> Daniel Jacobowitz wrote:
>> It's sad that you need to use the target strata for this.  Doing it
>> directly in the remote target would work for all of the above except
>> for "target bdm".  But I suppose it's reasonable.
> I would not worry about "target bdm". This project has moved away from a 
> patch for GDB adding the bdm target to a gdbserver and the remote protocol.
> Regards
> Chris

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