Mark Kettenis
Sun Jul 13 17:06:00 GMT 2008

> From: Vladimir Prus <>
> Date:  Sun, 13 Jul 2008 20:48:39 +0400
> Mark Kettenis wrote:
> > Hi Vladimir,
> > 
> > The watchpoint-solib.exp test seems to assume hardware watchpoints:
> > 
> >   gdb_test "watch g" "Hardware watchpoint 3: g" "set watchpoint on g"
> > 
> > Is this intentional, or should this be changed to accept "normal"
> > software watchpoints too?
> Hi Mark,
> this test was added by
> and that
> commits changes the way the memory locations to watch are stored and
> handled for watchpoint. Since software watchpoints do not actually
> have any memory locations to watch, I suspect that the crash this
> test is supposed to guard against did not happen with software
> watchpoints.

Ah, if you want to explicity test hardware watchpoints, perhaps we
should test that the target supports them and skip the test otherwise.

> Are you on a target with no hardware breakpoints?

Yes I am.  OpenBSD doesn't support hardware watchpoints on any of its
platforms.  But even many Linux targets don't support hardware

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