Move GDB to C++ ?

Pedro Alves
Fri Jul 11 15:30:00 GMT 2008

A Friday 11 July 2008 15:27:13, Andrew Cagney write:
> This does, I think, raise an interesting question: is, or should, be
> being the a good (best?) C++ debugger be a high priority for GDB?

I can't think of why anyone would object to good changes to make GDB be
a better C++ debugger.

(Good in the sense of technically sound, and doesn't regress support
for other languages in unfixable ways).

If someone, or some entity wants to make his/its priority making
that happen, that's a different issue.

GDB doesn't need to be the "best" C++ debugger in the world
to debug itself.  Unless we consider GDB's support so awful that
we won't be able to debug GDB -- I don't, and I support the
change --, I consider that goal independent of the switch to
implementing GDB in C++.

Pedro Alves

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