Move GDB to C++ ?

Nick Roberts
Thu Jul 10 22:30:00 GMT 2008

 > It's certainly an approach worth thinking about. Presumably the point of 
 > working in a different directory is that the code might be expected to 
 > be broken or nonportable for a period of time, but when that happens you 
 > can run afoul of limited commitment levels, with people only able to 
 > work on gdbxx when they don't have regular gdb tasks. If everyone is 
 > forced into the same straitj^Wsource tree, dealing with mid-transition 
 > brokenness is (usually :-) ) justifiable as part of the job.

Mid-transition brokenness only seems justifiable if there is unanimous
agreement that the transition is desirable.  Imposing a change on people who
may not want it and then telling them that have to put up with the ensuing
brokeness, or fix it, seems quite unreasonable, expecially to those who have
contributed to it's previous state.


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