Notes on conversion to bugzilla

Tom Tromey
Thu Jul 10 18:31:00 GMT 2008

A couple days ago I hacked up Dan Berlin's gnats->bugzilla converter
for gdb.  This went well.  I started with the converter on my F8 box,
which is the one that comes with bugzilla 3.0.4.

I have set it up to CC all bugs to gdb-prs, and I had the converter
add a comment saying "[Converted from Gnats PR NNN]" to the start of
each bug report.  This should be enough to find old bug reports.

The appended patch is what I think is needed for the gdb web pages.

I don't know whether the output I have is directly insertable into the
existing sourceware bugzilla.  I didn't look at the sourceware
database scheme (I don't even know how to).  Dan, what would you like
from me in order to do this?  I can send the SQL, the hacked, ...

I disabled the file-content "magic" system for categorizing
attachments.  The code caused some Python error and I didn't want to
deal.  If you think this matters, let me know and I will figure it

I looked at the commit hooks in CVSROOT but they all seem to still be
using Gnats -- even the ones for binutils et al.  From a glance on
sourceware it looks like perhaps just using log_accum_bugzillified is
enough, but I have not tested this.  Dan, do you know?

After Dan vets the data, what next?  I think:

* Shut down access to Gnats
* Temporarily hack CVSROOT to avoid commits going to gnats
* Redo the conversion (takes a couple minutes max)
* Import the data
* Fix CVSROOT to use bugzilla
* Check in the web page change

Did I miss something?

If anyone else wants the SQL, or the conversion script, just ask.


Index: bugs/index.html
RCS file: /cvs/gdb/htdocs/bugs/index.html,v
retrieving revision 1.36
diff -u -r1.36 index.html
--- bugs/index.html	7 Aug 2007 23:48:49 -0000	1.36
+++ bugs/index.html	10 Jul 2008 18:16:48 -0000
@@ -52,7 +52,7 @@
 Please report bugs!<p>
 GDB has a <a
 Database</a>.  It is used to track bugs (Problem Reports or PRs) and
 enhancements (Change Requests or CRs).  In addition to problems
 encountered when running GDB, bugs include: errors or missing
@@ -73,7 +73,7 @@
 Before submitting a new PR/CR, try <a
 the database to see if the problem has already been reported or even
Index: mailing-lists/index.html
RCS file: /cvs/gdb/htdocs/mailing-lists/index.html,v
retrieving revision 1.36
diff -u -r1.36 index.html
--- mailing-lists/index.html	4 May 2008 23:19:13 -0000	1.36
+++ mailing-lists/index.html	10 Jul 2008 18:16:48 -0000
@@ -73,7 +73,7 @@
 discussion should go through this list.</dd>
 <dt><a href="" name="gdb-prs">
-<b>gdb-prs</b></a></dt> <dd> Mailing list for discussing bug reports.
+<b>gdb-prs</b></a></dt> <dd> A read-only mailing list for bug reports.
 See the <a href="../../gdb/bugs/">Bug Database</a> for information on how to
 submit a bug.</dd>

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