Craig Silverstein
Thu Jul 10 16:53:00 GMT 2008

} Redirecting to binutils and Craig; I assume this is his patch from
} yesterday.

Yes it is, I'm sorry for the trouble.

I have code in the configure script for bfd that checks for the
existence of zlib (and zlib.h); if it doesn't find it, it turns off
the code in compress that you're running into.

It looks like that didn't work for you for some reason?  Can you attach
your config.log script, that you got from building libbfd?  Also, the
contents of your bfd-directory config.h would be helpful.

Oh, come to think of it, all that is probably working properly.  The
issue looks to be that you're using libbfd.a instead of
The .so has appropriate settings so that when you link against it,
it also pulls in (at least, as I understand how .so's work;
DT_NEEDED or something?)  But .a's don't have that.  I don't know
what the principled solution is -- have libbfd.a bring in libz.a, or
what -- but one solution that should work in the short term is to
just add libz.a to your link line.


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