GDB Focus Group at the 2008 GCC Summit

Tom Tromey
Fri Jul 4 02:33:00 GMT 2008

>>>>> "Daniel" == Daniel Jacobowitz <> writes:

Daniel> Here's a suggestion: $builtin, like the bash 'builtin' builtin (can't
Daniel> believe I just wrote that sentence).  That would let us recover any
Daniel> lost functions.  Well, they aren't really built-in, so maybe some
Daniel> other name.  The idea of having two names for each, one more
Daniel> convenient and the other more robust.  WDYT?

This is fine except for 'set $builtin = 0'.  I am not really concerned
about it though.

Actually it would be fine by me to install things as both
$gdb_whatever and $whatever by default, not worry if users overwrite
$whatever, and try to have scripts always use the namespaced form.

The current code installs the documentation under "help function name".
But if the user does "set $other = $name; help function other", he
won't get anything sensible.  Perhaps 'help' needs a special case; but
then command completion needs a special case too.


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