GDB record patch 0.1.6 for GDB branch msnyder-reverse-20080609-branch release

Thu Jul 3 12:59:00 GMT 2008

So sorry that I always forgot the import thing. Thanks for the big
help of Michael Snyder, Thiago Jung Bauermann, Pedro Alves,  Daniel
Jacobowitz. Thank you so much. :)

And I remove the MIPS tdep support from record because I want spend
more time on the core of the record and I386 tdep now. Of course, I
will add them back in the future. And record will support a lot of
other tdep and OS.


On Thu, Jul 3, 2008 at 17:29, teawater <> wrote:
> GDB record patch make GDB support Reversible Debugging.
> It make GDB disassemble the instruction that will be executed to get
> which memory and register will be changed and record them to record
> all program running message. Through these on the use of this
> information to achieve the implementation of the GDB Reversible
> Debugging function.
> To get more message, you can go to .
> The main change of this version is change record function to be a
> target of GDB. Then it can work with the interface of branch
> msnyder-reverse-20080609-branch. The command in this branch is so cool
> such as "rn"(reverse-next), "rs"(reverse-step) and
> "rc"(reverse-continue). I like it. :)
> You can start record target with command "rec"(record) or "target record".
> I try to use some simple commands such as "disconnect" and "detach" to
> instead command "delrecord"(dr) and "stoprecord"(sr). But these
> commands all have other affect to GDB such as call function
> "no_shared_libraries". So I keep the command "delrecord"(dr) and
> "stoprecord"(sr).
> Please give me your advice about GDB record. Thanks a lot. :)
> teawater

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