GDB 6.1.1 2004-05-21-gmt

Andrew Cagney
Wed May 26 17:15:00 GMT 2004

>>There seem to be a significant number of fixes even without this - 
>>> basics such as value return and backtraces.
>>> As for the arch and other core changes, they can wait until 6.2.
> ok... it's just that the gdbarch change will fix MANY problems in the
> testsuite. :)
> what is the process for getting patches into 6.1? Are they resubmitted
> one-by-one, or do i do a wholesale diff of hppa-specific files? There
> are about 30 patches from me that has gone into CVS since 6.1.

Something like:

$ cp src/gdb/hppa*.[hc] 61/src/gdb ; emacs 61/src/gdb/ChangeLog

For the changelog suggest both mentioning that the stuff is an import 
from the mainline and list a concat of the original changelogs (minus 

Most important though is:

$ emacs 61/src/gdb/NEWS 61/src/gdb/ChangeLog

where there should be a brief of how the update affects (benefits) the 
user - mention a few key bug fixes for instance.

When it comes to architecture specific changes GDB is very liberal - the 
worst they can do is break that architecture and presumably the person 
pulling in the changes is testing it :-)


PS: I've some incompatible frame changes on hold waiting for 6.1.1 to 
ship - help make these imports easier.

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