Building GDB 6.1 for SH target

Daniel Jacobowitz
Wed May 26 01:31:00 GMT 2004

On Tue, May 25, 2004 at 04:41:09PM +0100, Julian Back wrote:
> I've started using GDB 6.1 with an SH target as I wanted to have support 
> for SH4A.  When I build GDB 6.1 for a target of "sh-linux" (which I used 
> fine with GDB 6.0) I get a warning message when I run GDB:
> warning: A handler for the OS ABI "GNU/Linux" is not built into this 
> configuration
> of GDB.  Attempting to continue with the default sh settings.
> GDB then appears to work OK.
> When I build GDB with a target of just "sh" I don't get this warning but 
> then I don't get support for ELF binaries either.
> At the moment I don't actually need Linux support (but I probably will 
> in the future), but I do need ELF support.  I can live with the warning 
> but I will want to distribute the GDB binary to others so I'd prefer to 
> avoid it.
> I could just remove the warning from the source, but what would be the 
> correct way to fix this?  I would also be interested to know why GDB no 
> longer seems to have Linux support for SH.

No one's updated the GDB sh-linux port in a long time, and GDB has
evolved out from under it.

Daniel Jacobowitz

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