GDB 6.1.1 2004-05-21-gmt

Andrew Cagney
Tue May 25 22:22:00 GMT 2004

>>Thanks to the changes Randolph made, the HP/UX port is in better shape.
>>> I wouldn't argue against pulling the pa-specific files in, except that
>>> I am not sure whether some of them rely on some changes that were made
>>> only in mainline... Randolph?
> there are a few arch-indep changes, most of it are just cleanups. the
> other ones that come to mind are new and not yet checked in, so we can
> discuss what we want to do with them:
> - gdbarch change for passing function object into push_dummy_call
> - infrun.c changes for trampoline handling
> - use inferior_created event for updating dyncall, etc values
> if we want to update the hppa support in 6.1 i'd like to see the first
> one (gdbarch) go in.... the other ones can wait for 6.2

There seem to be a significant number of fixes even without this - 
basics such as value return and backtraces.

As for the arch and other core changes, they can wait until 6.2.


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