shared library support

Stephen P. Smith
Fri May 21 20:49:00 GMT 2004

First I need to say that I didn't recieve the reply email from the 
redhat server but found the reply in the archives.
Therefore if this post looks like it follows up to the wrong message you 
know why.

KB> My recollection of the matter is that you didn't do it this way....The easiest course 
KB> and the preferred course are not the same though. The preferred course is to 
KB> write your shared library support as a solib.c backend, add some OSABI recognition 
KB> code for your target along with a suitable OSABI-specific tdep.c file for your target.  
KB> In this (latter) file, you would call some as yet to be written machinery in solib.c 
KB> which'd enable your target's shared library support.  This is just a thumbnail 
KB> sketch; if you choose to go this route, I'm willing to go into much more detail 
KB> and even assist with writing the necessary solib.c support.

In this case, and since some things have changed, I prefer to do it the correct way.  I may 
need quite abit of direction since I this will be my first major effort as long as you don't 
mind.  Kevin, would you please go into more detail about the solib.c support that you think 
is needed.

One of the things, besides what you have talked about already that may need done is what do 
about communicating with the remote target on this issue.  As far as I can tell, there 
isn't anything in the remote protocal for the target to let the host know (or for the host 
to ask) about shared libraries.  But that is for a future disussion.

Also would you want me to submit these changes as a series of small patches, or big ones. 


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